Six degrees of lois weisberg

Lois Weisberg, in Gladwell's account, is a Chicagoan "social connector" extraordinaire, a friend of rich and poor alike, acquainted with artists and flea market vendors as well as celebrities ranging from Arthur C.

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Jacob Weisberg

Our driver was the friendliest guy ever and simply hilarious. She is connected, like Lois Weisberg, to connectors. She is also the creator of a children's arts program called Gallery 37a creative public-private hybrid that sounds a lot like Partnerships.

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If Partnerships can channel these energies, they may just have what it takes to bring New York's parks past the "tipping point" and provide a powerful sociology lesson for the rest of us.

For Weisberg, who has made her life and career and family in Chicago, I think the city is a village of many communities, and she knows them all and has points of access in all of them.

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To put all that another way, Weisberg produced so much during her professional life in Chicago that she made it easier for everyone who followed her to make connections.

In the long run, Tompkins says, he hopes for widespread recognition that "a park is not just a frill, like a nice window box. They think this is their building. She also worked with Maggie Daley to create the successful Gallery 37 and After School Matters programs focused on the arts.

Gladwell went on in the article to explain that Lois has a powerful pyramid of pyramids of connections. Each member of s up to Work actively to bring people together for positive social endeavors, like cleaning up a park.

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The GA worked quite well and didn't require tweaking to get good results. The social capital created by NYC Service is likely to have a significant impact, way above and beyond the value of volunteer hours which are important and sizeable in-and-of themselves.OLLI Course Syllabus (PDF: 30k) What Works: How Social Movements Transformed America Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

This syllabus is for a eight-class course (a two-hour class once a. The People Who Run The World Posted by Advo Team on July 6, in Strategy Malcolm Gladwell wrote an article in The New Yorker in called “Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg.”.

Feb 15,  · Lois Weisberg was the legendary Cultural Commissioner of Chicago, responsible for many of the artistic programs that have enhanced the city’s international reputation. View Notes - Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg from SOCIOLOGY at Goucher College. Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg She's a grandmother, she lives in a big house in Chicago, and you've never heard of her%(1).

Lois Weisberg (May 6, – January 13, ) was the first Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for the City of Chicago, from until January She was profiled by writer Malcolm Gladwell in a New Yorker essay, "Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg"; Gladwell, who called Weisberg a "connector" and included the essay about her in his book The.

(Media nerds: Weisberg’s brother is Jacob, of Slate, and their mother, Lois, was the subject of the famous Malcolm Gladwell New Yorker story “Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg,” about people who.

Six degrees of lois weisberg
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